Submit in July & Get Free Promotion at Two Conferences

Submit in July & Get Free Promotion at Two Conferences

Any Book accepted during the month of July will get free flier promotion at Houston’s Cafe Catholica conference and at the Catholic Marketing Network Conference. 

Submission to Catholic Reads is also free.

Learn how to submit here:

Books with the Catholic Writer’s Guild Seal of Approval & a review by the Guild are automatically accepted. 

We pay for the printing and we do the leg work of handing out the fliers because we are dedicated to finding and supporting catholic authors on the ground, on and off line.

Participating authors must agree to have the Catholic Reads logo on their cover art, as well as a blurb advertising the website.

Authors must be willing to organize a sale of their books with Catholic Reads. It doesn’t matter how far in the future that sale might be but we will be introducing your book directly to readers and we do not want to promise them that we can get your book on sale for them unless it is a reasonable promise.

Fliers will be handed out at Cafe Catholica on June 26th, July 10th, July 24th, & July 31st.

During the July 17th day Catholic Reads will be flying to the next conference in Chicago where we will have fliers on hand to give out every day of the conference.

Full information about the Cafe Catholica conference can be found at:

Full information about the Catholic Marketing Network Conference can be found at:


8 thoughts on “Submit in July & Get Free Promotion at Two Conferences

  1. I authored the book The Diaries of Joseph and Mary. Here is the Amazon link, How do I send a copy to you and how much of a discount do you require? Do your patrons order the books from Amazon or get them directly from? My email address is I am a member of the CWG. Thank You!

    1. arkwatson

      Wonderful! Our full instructions & requirements are on our Submit a Book page on our menu. Or follow this link: a-review/”>

      To answer your question quickly though we do discounts 50% off to free- and this can be just the ebook or some combo of ebook and /or hard or soft copy.
      If your book makes it past the first phase of vetting we request you send us the ebook.
      We can direct our readers to buy your book on sale at whatever online store you prefur. Some of our author also use discount codes to limit the users of the sale to our readers.
      More details can be found on our Submit A Book page on the menu.

  2. I am interested in the process to submit my book to be included in the flier. It has the CWG 1017 Seal of Approval. Please contact me with details. Thanks so much. I look forward to your reply. Virginia Pillars

  3. Hello,
    My book received the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval recently. How does one submit one’s book to Cafe Catholica?
    Ronnie Smith
    author of “Roses for the Most High”

    1. arkwatson

      You don’t submit your book to Cafe Catholica. You submit your book to us and we hand out the fliers at the event.
      Full submission details can be found on our Submit A Book page on our menu or through this link:

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