Submit to Catholic Reads – Win a free Editing Session!

Submit to Catholic Reads – Win a free Editing Session!

Catholic Reads is honored to announce a raffle to win a free Editing package!

All authors who submit their work to us before our launch date on July 1st will be entered to win a free 20 page edit by award winning author and journalist, Johnnie Bernhard.

(And yes, those of you who submitted your work to us before this announcement are already included in the raffle!)

Read more about Mrs. Bernhard here:

You can submit a full novel, short story or poem and as long as we receive the email by midnight June 30th you will be entered to win the editing package. Full submission requirements can be found here:

Entrants names will be put into a jar and drawn at random. The winner will be announced on July 1st. If the winner has not responded to our contact within a week a different name will be drawn.

2 thoughts on “Submit to Catholic Reads – Win a free Editing Session!

  1. Dear Johnnie,

    I attended your session at the Faulkner Conference in November, and enjoyed it very much. Wanted to talk to you, but I was hurrying to make my appointment with an editor assigned to my book. (Happily I had two novels reach the finals for the conference–not the short list though. I’ve entered it again with a two-book historical fiction.)

    I wanted to try for your edit drawing, but I have a question about the Catholic Reads site requirement. I might offer my novels, but how to discount them is a problem. One is published 2013 by the now debunk Tuscany Press, however I do have some books in my possession. A second book of short stories is published 2014 by Wiseblood Books, so I’d have to check with them about a discount; and a third, 2015 self-published book, so I have control over its price.

    I also wanted to ask if you meant an edit of 20 pages from the novel? Or twenty pages of editing the full, literary fiction manuscript I’ve just completed?

    Thanks so much,
    Kaye Park Hinckley

    1. arkwatson

      Thanks for your comment Kaye,
      By submitting a book to Catholic Reads you are agreeing to putting your book up for a discounted price with us. The length of time is determined by you and your publisher, and the amount discounted is your choice as well, as long as it is at least 50% off the regular price.
      Given that you only have control over one book’s price I’d recomend sending that book to us first and contacting Wiseblood books to see if they would be willing to run a sale with us.
      As for the question about the editing package. I forwarded your question to Mrs. Bernhard. She will work with 20 pages of whatever you want to send her, be it something already published or something you are already working on, though you will probably get more out of the experience if you send something you are working on now. Your submission to Catholic Reads is entirely separate from your submission to her for the editing session.
      Hope that clears some things up.
      We look forward to seeing your book!

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